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Behind the door are Hobgoblin Infiltrators ready to pound on you. After defeating them, prepare for Hobgoblin Witch Doctors who cast Searing Light which can be pretty destructive. Try your best to kill them first before the Hobgoblin Slayers; it will save your party from much damage. There's also a fire trap as the path bends to the left. This route will lead you to a passage heading north. There will be secret doors and traps in this quest, so you might want to bring in a rogue. In the absence of one, SWG Credits players should at least get someone with a decent Search skill so you can find the hidden door. With that in mind, bring reptilian bane for Trigs; muck-bane for oozes and rust monsters; blunt weapons for him Kellies; pure good and holy weapons for Ghosts and Weights; frost, cold and piercing for the spiders; and pretty much any damage dealing weapon for the Hobgoblins.


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